• Lanka Geographic Journal – A Decision has been taken to present it as a Bi-Monthly magazine starting with its First Issue January – February 2014
  • All the University Geographical Societies shall be qualified to receive the magazine at a special rate.
  • All the School Geographical Societies shall be qualified to receive the magazine at a special rate.
  • Those who wish to SEND Special Reports based on the expeditions in consultation with the LGJ are invited to contact us for guidance.
  • Those who wish to contribute Photo-Essays on subjects acceptable to LGJ are invited to contact us for guidance - Selected Best Photographs by Amateur Photographers of LGJ shall be published annually with very generous benefits to the creator



LGJ has embarked on the initiation and the encouragement of efforts to assess and understand the Geographical Potential and Limitations, especially in a changing geographical environment including weather patterns and population related features, that affect the relationship between man and his environment, through logical historical analyses in order to have a better understanding about the current scenario and about the future about which more attention is due.

The ‘Role’ played by LGJ is to function as a Promoter and Initiator, Coordinator and Consultant, a Facilitator and /or as all those at the same time. Strictly adhering to the principles of CSR, the Resources that can become available through LGJ shall be available in playing a Leading Role  in all such studies.

In the process, all the Institutions of Higher Learning in Sri Lanka as well as of other nations shall be linked, as may be relevant to the applicability, and the final decisions regarding the selections.


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